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Bp Event mobileM

  • Authorise the user to log in
    1. Go to the Administration Administration tab on the function bar and click on Benutzer Users > Benutzer  User > suche  Search to find the user you want.
    2. Wählen Sie den Benutzer aus der Liste mit Doppelklick oder legen einen neuen Benutzer an. Siehe
    3. Go to Access (below the signature, foto and start screen fields) and enable MobileApp  Mobile Client access.
    4. Tick Allow automatic login in Bp mobile to allow the user to save their login details and make login easier.
  • Create an Info Centre view for the mobile client

    For the mobile client, we recommend an adapted, reduced Info Centre view. This is defined in the full client.

    1. als star Standard Mobil.
  • Getting started with Bp Event mobile

    If the task bar in Bp Event mobile has a yellow (instead of grey) background, the connection to the server is temporarily interrupted. Do not refresh the browser window. Bp Event mobil automatically checks whether the connection can be re-established.

    Note: Do not use the "Refresh Button" of the browser, this will end the session.

    1. Enter the Bp Event mobile link in the browser. This is composed as follows:
      http://bp-event-server/client/launch (Where Bp-event-server is replaced by "server-address:port".
      Recommendation: Save the link as a bookmark.
    2. Enter your login name and password and check Remember meto save your credentials.
      Note: Whether or not staying logged in is permissible for your company is defined in the adminstrative settings.
    3. Click on Log in to open Bp Event mobile.
    4. Go tothe  icon optionen Options tab and click on icon optionen  Settings to specify whether data sheets should be opened by default as HTML or PDF files.
      Recommendation: In the settings, tick Use Esc to close windows and set a small number of Most recent records to remember in the web app.
    5. ok Save your input by clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner of the input window.
    6. Stay on theicon optionen  Options tab but click on  Funktionsleiste Optionen Function barto create or change custom tab with the most important functions and/or data sets per user.
    7. Click on the Benutzer UserLog out to exit Bp Event mobile.

    Would you like to try Bp Event mobile? Click here

  • Enable an SSL certificate for the Bp Event web server

    The SSL certificate (key.pem and cert.pem) must have a PEM format. Convert using OpenSSL if necessary.

    1. Open the folder "Web Folder SSL" in the database directory or create a new folder if it does not already exist.
    2. Save the two certificate files as "key.pem" and "cert.pem".
      Ex: C:\Bp Event\Server\Data\Web Folder SSL\key.pem
      und C:\Bp Event\Server\Data\Web Folder SSL\cert.pem
    3. Go to the hilfe Help tab and click on Wartung Maintenance to re-start the  Monitor Service client and enable the SSL certificate.
    4. Enter the URL "https://localhost/client/launch" in any web browser to test the HTTPS connection locally on the server.

    Useful links:

  • Change the HTTPS port

    The default port 443 can be changed manually.

    1. Go to the Administration Administration tab and click on  Administration Settings >  Administration Technical settings > Monitor Service clients.
    2. In the web server area, enter a different port in the HTTPS port field. The Bp Event web server restarts automatically with the changed HTTPS port.
    3. Change the port in the URL as well.
    4. Release the new HTTPS port in the firewall.