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Bp Event 12

Bp Event 12 is a treasure trove of labour-saving functionalities. Here's a short compilation of the latest enhancements - you might also like to listen to some of the presentations given during our 2020 Digital User Meteing or check out our Youtube Tutorials .

  • New structure of the administration

    Die Oberfläche der administrativen Einstellungen wurde neu aufgebaut, besser und übersichtlicher strukturiert. Neu ist die Möglichkeit, oben links über die Matchcodesuche nach den Einstellungsmöglichkeiten, bzw. Feldbeschriftungen zu suchen.

  • Artikelgruppenpakete verschachteln

    With version 12, item group packages can be merged or nested for a better overview. In the Administration administrative settings under artikel items select a package and insert any item group packages via neu package in package . By double-clicking on a package that has already been inserted, you can break it down into its individual packages.

  • Buchungsvorschläge im Tischplan

    Buchungsvorschläge können mit der Version 12 jetzt auch pro Tischplan angelegt werden.

  • Anzeige- und Änderungsmodus von Datensätzen einstellen

    When a user opens a record, it is locked for changes by other users during this period. Using the small arrow next to Speichernexpand , you can now switch to display mode directly within the record. In display mode, the record cannot be changed, but another user can open it in parallel for editing. Users with administrative permissions can specify under Einrichtung Set-upTabellendetails Table details for each table whether the records are opened in display mode by default because they are often locked by a user due to high frequency. In addition, a different setting can also be saved via group permissions.

  • Benutzergruppen verschachteln

    With version 12, user groups can be merged or nested for a better overview. This means that a new staff member no longer has to be assigned many individual groups if they have already been merged into a "standard" authorisation group. To do this, switch to the tab Benutzer Users / Groups in a user group and add further groups via neu .

  • Abwesenheitsmitteilungen regelbasiert

    In the Administration Administration under Administration SettingsE Mail E-mail , use a list to specify the e-mail recipient for whom no automatic absence message is to be sent. Example: application@; info@ etc.

  • Start multiple clients

    Auf einem Rechner können zukünftig mehrere Clients gestartet werden. So kann ein Benutzer einen Client mit seinen Zugangsdaten starten und einen zweiten Client mit dem Administrator Zugang für Anpassungen öffnen.

  • Multiple service clients and their tasks

    For load distribution, it is possible from version 12 to set up several service clients and distribute the load of job processing to the different service clients. Under Administration Administration > Administration SettingsMonitor Service Clients new service clients can be set up via neu . Jobs can be permanently assigned to a service client. Without a fixed assignment, the job is executed on a service client that has capacity at that time (load balancing). On a server with 32GB memory and 8 cores, we recommend separating at least the web server and jobs on the service clients, and at best also e-mail retrieval on a separate service client.
    Example: E-mail retrieval separately on a service client, so other jobs and web users are not slowed down.

  • The new word processor

    Besides the new look, the word processor offers many new developments.
    Some examples:

    1. das Einfügen und Formatieren von Tabellen
    2. das Einfügen von Abschnitten zur völlig freien Formatierung einzelner Seiten (Hochformat, Querformat, Ränder etc.)
    3. Stilvorlagen definieren und verwenden
    4. Dokument für Änderungen sperren
    5. in anderem Format speichern (Word, PDF, Html etc.)

    Find out more in our Manual
    Check out the presentation from our Online User Meeting. (German only)

  • Export ohne Excel

    With version 12, data can be exported as XLSX files. Thus, it is not mandatory that Excel is installed on the target storage location.