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The field catalogue lists all fields in the database by table. Users with administrative rights can change or add to the field labels and also the help text (tooltip) for real database fields.

Note: You will usually need to restart the application for any changes to be applied.

  1. Go to the Einrichtung Set-up tab on the function bar and select on Katalogeexpand Catalogues > Database Fields Database fields.
  2. An list of all tables will open.
  3. Select the table you want and click on  ok Apply.
  4. A list of all fields in this table will open.
  5. Double-click a field to to open and edit the content.
  6. If you make changes to the labelling, the label will be displayed in the interface of the corresponding data record after a restart.
  7. If you change or add important information to the help text, the information is displayed in the tooltip of the field.
  8. Speichern Save your input by clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner of the input window.


Table Name of the table
Technical name Unchanging technical name of the field. Many configurations are based on the technical name.
Field Field name, label in UI
Data type

Field properties, type of output
- Boolean (truth value)
- Longint (integer without decimal places)
- String80 (character string including max. number of characters)
- Real (number including possible decimal separators)
- Text (text format)
- Date (date format)
- Picture (picture format)
- Time (time format)


Field type
- Database field
- Calculated field
- Added field