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Filing location

Record, folder or drive in which a document is stored


Make events, appointments, projects or purchases unchangeable


Users with extended rights

Account exchange

Export or import accounts between two systems


Record in the database with the details of a private person or company

Account categories

Categories for accounts that can be defined and activated/deactivated under Administration > Settings > Accounts, multi-select is possible. Groups accounts for better retrieval.

Advance invoiceRechnung Akonto

Advance invoice for a partial amount of an invoice or collective invoice

activeAktiv 32

State of a function that is available or of a data set that can be found via the standard search


Eintrag auf der Wiedervorlage (ohne Datum/Uhrzeit) oder im Kalender (mit Datum/Uhrzeit). Erinnerungsfunktionen einstellbar, muss aktiviert werden

GalleryAlbum 32

List of images and graphics under the Templates tab. Use in text templates, as furniture storage for room plans, etc.

Shared documents MDokumentenAblage Liste

Ablageort für externe Dokumente zum wiederholten Gebrauch unter Vorlagen > Dokumente > Allgemeine Dokumente

General settingsAdministration 32

Basic settings of Bp Event for the entire company under Administration > Settings

Quote text

Standard text for offers entered in the item base


Reason/name for an event

Occasion type

Type of event

Work orderFormular 32

Event sheet accounted to specific departments and listing individual work steps (formerly run sheet, run plan, function)

Work times

Time actually worked, may deviate from the duty roster

Itemartikel 32

Item (good or service), must be assigned to an item group  and, depending on the group assignment, may contain other items as components or be contained in them

Item group

Grouping of similar items with certain properties, setting under Administration > Settings > Items

Item group packet

Compilation of specific item groups of an segment for information to defined (staff) groups via event sheets

Item text (obsolete)

Formerly standard text for event sheets, supplements the information from the long description. Does not appear in offers, contracts and invoices, is now called supplementary text.

Item indgredientMdetails 32

auszuweisender Inhaltsstoff, Allergen oder Zusatzstoff, der in einem Artikel enthalten ist, unter Artikel > Zusätze; laut LMIV: glutenhaltiges Getreide, Eier, Erdnüsse, Milch, Sellerie, Sesam, Lupinen, Krebstiere, Fische, Soja, Schalenfrüchte, Senf, Schwefeldioxid, Sulfite,  Weichtiere

Expandauffaechern 32

Ungroup a component item (e.g. arrangements) and display individual records again.

Output settingsAusgabevorlagen 32

Basic settings for the entire operation with setting options for printers, watermarks, etc.


List with predefined values for an input field, can be expandable

HomeBasis 32

On the function bar, tabs for the most important functions of Bp Event

Base price

Original price on which a derived price is based

Conditional formatting

Formatting words or numbers depending on their value

RemarksTexte 32

Item group for inserting texts in processes and maps

UserBenutzer 32

staff member(s) of the user company who are created in Bp Event with user name and password.

User-defined, custom

set by the user or user operation

User favouritesstar 32

User-defined tab on the function bar with frequently used functions

User groupMGruppen 32

Several users who have certain permissions and/or are grouped together for group notifications

User roleM

Summary of tasks, properties and permissions of a user

User view

User-defined view of the InfoCentre, individual settings

User delegationMVertreter 32

Authorisation of a user  or a user group to access confidential records in the absence of the owner


Right to open (view), change, print etc. a record.


Users with the right to restrict the rights of other users to a data set

Inventory itemMartikel 32

Items that are accounted for but not destroyed by use (equipment, furniture), warning in case of overbooking of stock in the event

CompanyMbetrieb 32

bei Module Multibetrieb ein zu einem Unternehmen gehöriger Unterbetrieb


Computer program that is executed on the terminal device of a network and communicates with a server (central computer).

DatasheetDatenblatt 32

Text template with the most important information about an event, account, project or item

Data sourceDatenbank 32

Data in different tables that can be retrieved and filtered according to certain specifications

Record lock

Prevents multiple users from editing the same record at the same time

Added fieldTabellendetails 32

individually configurable data fields for each table, which often appear under the menu item Details (modules CRM plus; Calculations, Item details and recipes; dates etc.)

Shift plannerMDienstplaner 32

Calendar overview for assigning services to staff

Shift overviewM

Summary of already assigned shifts

Document packageMDokumentenablage 32

Compilation of individual documents filed for a single record or under General Documents

Printer settingsdrucker 32

Basic settings for Bp Event for the whole farm


Duplicate record

Duplicate matchingCheck For Duplicates 32

Search for and merge records with identical values in defined fields

PurchasesMeinkauf 32

Purchase order for requirement items, which can contain several deliveries with different delivery types.

Purchase item M

Basic items in units of 1kg or 1l as a basis for formulation

Sundries folderMail ablegen 32

Folder in which emails can be stored without filing them to a record

Holiday/Special EventMEreignis 32

Entry in the calendar for a holiday or event not organised by the user company itself

Supplementary text

Standardtext für Veranstaltungsblätter, ergänzt die Information aus dem Rechnungstext (früher Langbezeichnung). Erscheint nicht in Angeboten, Verträgen und Rechnungen (frühere Bezeichnung: Artikeltext).

Exportexport 32

Data transfer to another database, to Excel, to a cash register system, financial accounting, merchandise management, etc.S


Not for use in the application or in segment, but for customer printouts or interfaces

External account number

Address number to be assigned manually, which is only stored in Bp but not assigned (customer number, FiBu export).

Database FieldsFeldkatalog 32

List of existing tables and data fields

FA packageS

Multiple invoices/payments exported to FiBu at the same time

FilterFilter 32

Selection criteria for the existing data sets


Security system that protects a computer network or an individual computer from unwanted network access.

FormulasFormelkatalog 32

List of available formulas

Custom field

custom input field


Release of a licence or module by banquet professional

Function barsubmenu

Bar at the top of the Bp Event screen with quick access and tabs for the functions. Accessible from any interface.

Atendee ListMGaesteliste 32

List of names in the Order processing stage as a basis for printing place cards etc.

General Info Centreinfocenter 32

Window accessible via the quick access with user-defined views of the calendar and the reminder as well as further user-defined tabs for important lists, web pages or documents

Group viewMGruppen 32

View of the Global Info Centre available for a specific user group

Main supplierstandard lieferant

bevorzugter Lieferant für einen Artikel oder Artikelgruppe, als Filter im EinkaufM

Utilitieshilfsprogramme 32

4D help programmes for word processing, spreadsheet and graphics editing under the Help tab

Info Centreinfocenter 32

Info Centre

Info Centre list

List available as data source in the Info Center

Internal messagemail 32

Internal message to other users under the Communication tab or directly from a data record (address, item, event, etc.)

In-house item description

Standard text for describing items in internal event sheets

In-house staff planning segmentMAngebot Intern Personal 32

Internal process for planning and scheduling personnel

In-house segmentMAngebot Intern 32

Posting of items that are not settled and do not appear in  externally visible transactions

JobJob 32

Single job to be executed in the background, closed by the operating system.

CalculationMKalkul 32

Calculation of costs and quantities for planning purposes under Business Event > Costing

CommunicationBriefe 32

Tabs for email, letters, internal messages,  distribution lists, contact notes and out-of-office replys

Combo itemsKomponenten 32

Item containing other items (recipe, menu, buffet, arrangement)

Collapseverdichten 32

on a list  delete the remarks and items with quantity or price "0" and group the same items together

Contact noteMkontakt notiz 32

Documentation of customer contacts, part of the CRM plus module

Context menu

Software menu with different actions depending on the context, activated by right-clicking on a field or surface

Storage item

as distinct from fresh items, which are only purchased for current needs those that are purchased in stock (spices, pasta, flour) under Item > Additional info > Activate purchase > Stock items

Long name (old)

Former standard text of items or rooms for invoices, contracts and internal work instructions, is now called invoice text

Food Labelling RegulationM

Food Information Regulation, EU regulation on food labelling

Supplier itemAdresse 32

Item of a supplier with defined content and price

Delivery seriesMLieferservice 32

Regular appointments for deliveries by a supplier

Delivery service order typeM

Generic term for delivery, deposit accounting and returns in the delivery service.

Delivery typeM

Status of the order in purchasing


Compilation of data from one or more tables of the Bp Event

Match code

String that represents a (not necessarily complete but error-free) search term.

Menu text

Standard text for menu cards for events

Menu item

Subdivision of the lateral navigation of a data set

Rental item

Staff itemsM or inventory itemsM, purchased/rented for an event to supplement own inventory


Extension of the Bp Event Software

Multi-CompaniesMbetrieb 32

Companies with several operations and different accounting circuits


Left margin bar of a record window with the available tabs, e.g. Basic, Details, Additions, Contacts.

NetworkMVerkAdressen 32

Links between accounts


Open Database Connectivity, a standardised database interface that uses SQL as the database language.

Optionsicon optionen 32

Tab for user settings

TrashPapierkorb 32

Email repository where emails are collected for final deletion

PDFpdf 32

Portable Document Format, a platform-independent file format for documents.

Staff itemM

Role items or staff members

Staff roleM

defines tasks, characteristics and authorisations of an employee for duty scheduling

Staff segmentMAngebot Extern Personal 32

Every process that contains at least one personnel item

Mandatory field

Input field that must be filled in for the record to be saved. Mostly shown in the record underlined

Phonetic search

Search for similar sounding words and sounds


Price Look-Up code, identification number for products


Portable Network Graphics, a graphics format for raster graphics


Part of a network account

Price group

Possibility of price scaling (EK, VK, VKN etc)

Proof print

Print preview of a document without an output date

LogFehlerprotokoll 32

Change log, error log, log, history

WorkflowMProzess 32

Defined sequence of individual work steps

Workflow templateMProzess Vorlage 32

Description/documentation of a business process (formerly: process), can serve as a printed template or workflow for a process.

SpreadsheetRechenblatt 32

When creating the spreadsheet, the customer invoice is created. An automatic invoice number is assigned and the date of issue and payment deadline are determined.


Subdivision of the function bar for thematic grouping of the functions

Invoice text

Standardtext von Artikeln oder Räumen für Rechnungen, Verträge und interne Arbeitsanweisungen (Früher Langbezeichnung)

Reservation listGaesteliste 32

als Bestellung anzulegende Liste von Reservierungen zu einer Veranstaltung mit optionaler TicketbuchungM und TischreservierungM

Circular nesting

Faulty nesting within a data set that contains itself on another level


Rich Text Format, a file format for texts that serves as an exchange format between word processing programmes.

Collective invoiceSammel Rechnung 32

Invoice for several partial invoices that do not necessarily belong to the same event


On the function bar on the far left, access to the most important functions via icons (Global Info Centre, User Favourites, E-mail Inbox, Internal Messages, Event Calendar)


Connection point between Bp Event and other software systems for the exchange of data

Standalone list (ssl)

List with defined search criteria which is executed by a click or by entering another parameter


Single Euro Payments Area

Bulk mail

Personalised letter sent to multiple account holders

Multiple copiesKopie 32

Multiple copies of a data set


for server-client installations, the computer that makes the programme available to the clients

Service Client

Process that runs together with the Bp Event Server. The Service Client is required for the execution of jobs (e.g. data backup) and  web server.

Service text

Standard text for work instructions for the service area


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for exchanging e-mails in computer networks

Sort order

Fixed order


Structured Query Language,  a database language for defining data structures in relational databases and for editing (inserting, modifying, deleting) and querying datasets based on these structures.

Standard settings

Preset values that can be overwritten by operating settings or user settings

Standard list

List that is supplied with every installation and cannot be changed or deleted

Standard scenario

Scenario that is supplied with every installation and cannot be changed or deleted

Standard event sheet

Event sheet supplied with each installation and cannot be changed or deleted


Stage, state of an event, activity, procedure or appointment

Status date

The date on which a status expires or becomes due influences the display of a record in the calendar and the resubmission.


Expandable list for sorting addresses with date and free text


Transferring data from BANKETTprofi to a mobile device

System requirements

Hardware and software requirements


Description/recording of a possible situation/use case. Package of templates, detail fields, formulas, item groups and packages etc. for the intended use case. During import, all relevant data is automatically imported.


Telephony Application Programming Interface, programming interface for telephony applications.

HotkeysHotkey 32

Key combination for certain control commands


Transmission Control Protocol, a network protocol that defines the way in which data is to be exchanged between computers.

temporary account

Customer name for table reservation without full account attachment

Ticketed eventMticketing

Event with tickets

Table planMtischreservierung 32

Graphic  to show the position of tables and chairs in the corresponding floor plan of the room

Reservations event

general indication of times, rooms, details of table reservations on a specific date

Separator textTrenntexte 32

Characters or text between groups of items in quote, map, etc.

Environment variableicon optionen 32

Configurable variables


International standard defining a digital code for each meaningful character or text element.


Single farm or the organisation encompassing all farms


Universally Unique Identity Number

Event templatevorlage va 32

Sample event with pre-assigned fields whose copy can be overwritten with the current data

Data use purpose

Purpose of a possible customer communication to which the customer can consent


Purchase items for consumption, as distinct from stock items or staff

Collapseverdichten 32

auf einer Liste  die Bemerkungen und Artikel mit Anzahl oder Preis "0" löschen und gleiche Artikel zusammenfassen (komprimieren)

LinkVerknuepfen 32

Relationship between data records, e.g. an address for an event, booked items, created activities; operations and flow points.

Distribution listVerteilerliste 32

List of email accounts to which an email or internal message is sent at the same time

ConfidentialVertraulich 32

Status of a record with restricted reading rights only for the owner and his representative

DelegateMVertreter 32

User with permission for confidential records of another owner

DirectoryVerzeichnis 32

Sorting device in operating systems, folder, filing system

Directory objectVerzeichnis Objekt 32

File, link or any other object associated with a directory

Full text search

Finding text in a large number of identical or different files

Event segmentMAngebot

User-defined sub-area of an event for subdivision, e.g. reception, lunch, coffee break or food, drinks, technology; generic term for quote, order, invoice

TemplateVorlagen 32

Text templates/samples for repeated use Example: letters, emails, quotes to invoices, events


Listing of due activities and all records marked with the note "resubmission" and a date

Dictionary Muebersetzen 32

User-defined list of translations


Extensible Markup Language, markup language for the representation of hierarchically structured data in the form of text files.

Time reference

Nutzungszeitraum von Artkeln, ggf. auch zur Preisberechnung (Abrechnung nach Tag/Stunde etc)

Timestampstamp 32

Hotkey Shift+F2 inserts user name, date and time in an input field

Resetdelete 32

Undo changes and save data with the status of the last save or a default value

PropertiesZusaetze 32

Further information on a record/account/item