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Various picklists are available to individual users in Bp Event. Some, such as the one for event status, cannot be changed. Many other picklists can, however, be edited and updated by users according to company-specific requirements.

Example: Item types and codes

Picklists are maintained either in the corresponding data record or in the picklists catalogue. Maintaining the picklists in the catalogue saves time, as it is not necessary to open each individual data record.

  1. Go to the Einrichtung Set-up tab on the function bar and select Katalogeexpand Catalogues > Picklists Pickliststo edit picklists.
  2. A list of all picklists will open in alphabetical order.
  3. Open a picklist for editing by double-clicking or left-clicking and selecting edit Edit.
  4. Enter the picklist values and click Enter to separate the individual options.
    Note: Leave the first line blank (no text) if the field can be saved without a selection of options.
  5. Confirm your input by clicking OK.
  6. The changes will be adopted in the picklists of the corresponding data records.