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Changing lists

A list of search results often does not show all the details you want. Show or hide columns by going to the edit mode edit mode and change the sort order or column order. The changes can then be saved as a new list or discarded.

Example: Open a list of account via the acount search to find out the date of the last edit and editor.

Insert further columns

  1. Open a selection of accounts using the account search.
  2. To add a column, right-click in the list and select ausgabe Edit view > Spalten Neu Anfuegen Add column > bezug Fields.
  3. Select Last changed date and Last changed user name by left-clicking (keep Ctrl key pressed) and  Apply.
    Note: Use the matchcode search to find fields faster. The asterisk in front of the window title Adresse*Account list indicates that you are working in the edit mode.

Change the column order

  1. Right-click the list and select ausgabe Edit view > SelectAll Column order/title. Drag-and-drop the columns to the position you want.
    Note: The column title can be customised.
  2. Hide a colum by right-clicking the column, selecting Edit view, the name of the column and Hide column.
  3. Confirm your input by clicking OK.

Save the new list

Lists created in edit mode are automatically discarded when the application is closed, unless they are saved under a new name.

  1. Right-click in the list and selectausgabe Edit view > Speichern Save as new list.
  2. Enter a unique Name for the list.
  3. Speichern Schliessen Save and close the new list.
  4. Go to Listeexpand Lists >  Save as standard in the horizontal toolbar of the list to save the new list as user-specific new standard list.