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Most recent records

Calling up recently opened data records makes daily work easier and saves time.
Example: Where is the event that I created yesterday?

  1. Left-click History Show recently opened records in the top left-hand corner of the window bar to open a list of all recently opened and saved records, regardless of context (accounts, events, appointments etc.).
  2. Go to the Basis Home tab on the function bar and click on VAexpand Events > History Most recent to open a list of only the last events you edited.
    This function is available for most types of data records, such as correspondence, appointments, accounts etc.
  3. Alternatively, open this list by clicking on History Most recent records in the top right-hand corner of the toolbar of any open record.
  4. In the same list you will also find all data records that you have saved as star Favourites .

Specify how many data records you want to show.

  1. Go to the icon optionen Options tab on the function bar and click on icon optionen Settings.
  2. Enter the maximum number of Most recent records to be shown.
    When the specified number of records is exceeded, the oldest entry is automatically deleted from the list.
  3. Confirm your input by clicking Save.
    Note: This setting only applies to the current user and has no effect on other users.