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Using hotkeys

Hotkeys and key combinations simplify working with Bp Event. Go to the icon optionen Options tab and click on Hotkey Hotkeys to define custom settings. For Mac OS, replace "Ctrl" with "Cmd".


  1. F9 Search items
  2. Shift+F9 Search booked item
  3. F10 Search account
  4. Shift+F10 Search contact person
  5. F12Search event
  6. Shift+F12Search event segment

Insert and edit

  1. Shift+F2 Insert timestamp, text blocks or images in text field
  2. Alt + F2 Insert timestamp in text field
  3. F5 Insert remark in event segment
  4. F6 Open remark for editing

Open room reservations

  1. Shift+F5 Tiles
  2. Shift+F6 Timeline
  3. Shift+F7 List


  1. F4 Select template by code
  2. Shift+F3 Open email inbox
  3. Ctrl + Enter Insert page break


  1. F1 Open Manual
  2. Shift+F1 Open Team Viewer
  3. F2 Bring visible Bp Event windows to the front
  4. F8 Open General Info Centre
  5. F3 Show open windows and recently opened records
  6. F7 Open spellcheck
  7. F11 Full screen
  8. Esc Close window
  9. Spacebar + Tab Open list
    Example: Output settings, table plans in the event (in version 11)


F4 can be used in a variety of ways in an events context.

  1. F4 Open room selection
  2. F4 Insert schedule item
  3. F4 Info Centre: New item
  4. F4 Event segment: Search item
  5. F5 Event segment: Insert remark
  6. F6 Event segment: Open remark for editing


  1. Shift+F8 Open shift planner
  2. Crtl +F9 Search staff members

Table reservations

  1. Ctrl + M Open table reservations

Exhibition Stand Catering (ESC)

  1. Crtl +R Print returns note