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Writing a bulk mail

  • Find the accounts for your form letter

    If you want to send a form letter to a specific group of customers, first select the accounts.

    1. Go to Basis Base > Adresse Accounts > suche SearchAdresse Accounts.
    2. Select your target group via category, keywords, postcodes, etc., and click on suche Search (Searching for accounts). Searches that are used more often, call them up again in the search dialogue via Historie Last searches and save them star as Favouritesin order to be able to carry out the same search again at any time on the basis of current data.
    3. A list of all addresses matching the search criteria will open.
    4. Right-click to open the context menu to further edit or refine the list via filters if necessary (SelectAll Show selected records,  Show in new window or delete remove)
    5. To forward the list of addresses found to another team member, click on Ausgabe ListeLists > UebergebenTransferin the horizontal toolbar.
  • Select a template and an account keyword

    Form letters are created using templates (Creating a new text template). It is essential that the template is changed or adapted before it is sent out; corrections are no longer possible when printing.

    1. In the horizontal toolbar of the list of accounts found, click on Aktion Auf Liste Actions on the list > Print mail merge.
    2. Eine Liste mit Serienbriefvorlagen öffnet sich.
    3. Select the desired template from the list and, if necessary, the segment by double-clicking or ok Apply.
    4. Confirm with Print.
    5. If necessary, assign a account keyword , which you can use later to track which customer has received the form letter.
    6. After creating the form letters, you can open the letters for viewing.
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